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Sphenochoanal Polyp, A Case Report


Rahman MM1, Asaduzzaman M2.


Objectives were to post a case of sphenochoanal polyp and to discuss its diagnosis and treatment. Single nasal polyp presenting at the choana are a common entity in ENT practice. Since they usually arise from the Antrum of Highmore ( Maxillary sinus) and grow towards choana they are known as antrochoanal polyp . Choanal polyp arising from the sphenoid sinus and presenting at the choana are rare. These are known as sphenochoanal polyp. It is imperative that we differentiate between the two polyps for two reasons, firstly to give a complete disease clearance and secondly to prevent unnecessary surgery for other sinuses that are not involved. Radiological investigations include a C.T.Scan of paranasal Sinuses or a M.R.I. This will help in differentiating the sphenochoanal polyp from an antrochoanal polyp. Diagnostic nasal endoscopy will confirm the diagnosis. Once the diagnosis is made surgical removal must be done. This case is presented here because of its rarity and also to stress the use of endoscopes in diagnosis and surgical management of nasal polyps.

Issue: Vol. 6 No. 1 (2020)

Publish Date: Jun 07, 2022