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Students of this Medical College who have appeared in the 2nd Prof. MBBS Examination (New Curriculum) in November, 2022 (Held in January-2023) are asked to clear their outstanding dues and to attend the 4th year lecture classes regularly from 6th March, 2023.

Admission Fees

Admission fee: is payable during admission time. Tuition fee should be paid on monthly basis within the first week of every month.

The amount of admission fee is to be announced from college office during admission time and the fee structure may vary anytime as per instruction of Mefwd

* The interested overseas students are requested to contact the authorized agents of Shaheed Monsur Ali Medical College to know about the latest fee structure laid down for them. 

The authorized agents of SMAMCH: 

Md. Rashid Miah

Student Section

Mobile: 01744475868 (Whats App)